December 11-13  - Santa Clara, CA
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Michael O'Brien

Software Architect NFV
Michael O'Brien is a overly enthusiastic Software Architect with Amdocs working with the open-source ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) within the LInux Foundation. Ongoing work is with the OOM (ONAP Operations Manager) and the Logging-Analytics projects. These projects involve architecture, devops and development of the deployment and management of the entire ONAP microservices ecosystem on multiple virtual platforms. The ONAP OOM project runs on top of the CNCF hosted Kubernetes project and leverages the capabilities of Helm and Docker. Michael has presented 3 talks and live-system hands-on demonstrations of the ONAP OOM continuous deployment and development environment (on Microsoft Azure (Primary focus), Amazon AWS EC2, Google GCE and VMware Fusion) at the last ONAP F2F Developer Conference in Santa Clara from Dec 11-13 2017.